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Hi, I’m Gayle. I love candles and all things home fragrance. I decided to turn my love for candles into a business. My dream is to bring some of the best candles into one place to make them easy to shop. Have a browse and if you have any questions just ask! Gayle 

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Discover my best-selling candles and diffusers, consistently added to people’s baskets. These are the must-have products that everyone needs in their home. It is also a great place to look for a gift, the Candle Gallery community, are a discerning group of home fragrance experts, by choosing a bestseller you can’t really go wrong.


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Love this candle, I lit it for the first time on Valentines evening and I could not believe how the fragrance filled my house 😍normally they only scent the room but this little beauty filled downstairs and upstairs. The scent reminds me of Paris in the spring ..... since I can’t be there I will continue to light the candle and close my eyes
I loved this candle, the scent is warm and luxurious, but not overpowering. It is also calming and relaxing. Highly recommended!

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Scent and memory are closely connected if you want to create a gift to remind someone of a special time and place, get in touch and we can build a bespoke gift for your loved one

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