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Mother’s Day Scented Candle Gift Guide

Mother’s Day is on 22nd March, I hope to be starting the day with breakfast in bed and some lovely cuddles from my girls. A candle makes a lovely gift for mother’s day as we often don’t treat ourselves to a gorgeous new candle. So you can treat your Mum to a lovely candle that

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What candle wax is best?

What candle wax is best? There are so many different types of candles to choose from, so I thought it might be helpful to explain a bit about the different types. Wax is basically an oil, which can be used as fuel for a candle. It is a solid at room temperature and then melts

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Scent of the month – May. Driftwood and Sea Salt

Hope you are all safe and well, we are all doing ok, the kids have settled into the homeschooling routine. I am doing my best as the teacher in between making 40 snacks a day!  This post is the first in a new series when I focus on one scent of the month and tell you

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Why is lavender relaxing?

You may have heard that lavender can help you to relax, and help you to sleep – but do you know why? I did some research on this, and lavender reacts with your brain to help to calm brain activity – reducing anxiety, agitation and restlessness. Lavender works as an anxiety reliever and as a

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