Candle Scent Trends Winter 2020/2021

Aromatic Candles. Coffee and Sandalwood Scented Candles

We live in uncertain times and as the winter fast approaches, we all need a little comfort. Today I am looking at the key candle scent trends for winter 2020.

People are spending more time at home and only going out for the essentials, many news publications report that consumers feel nervous about going out or going shopping. Our homes are our sanctuaries, perhaps now more than ever before. There is a sense of needing to enjoy some “me time” and the fragrances people choose reflect this.

Natural Inspiration

We can look at trends in the world of perfume too as they follow the same trends. A study by the online shopping platform showed that natural scents are in great demand at this time of year. So while floral and herbal scents are very popular natural scents, woody and spicy scents can also be inspired by nature and are great for the colder weather.

For a cosy night in there are plenty of candles you can choose from:

  1. Velvet Peony and Oud

A stunning rich, warm fragrance with damask rose, smoky oud and a hit of praline.Oud is derived from the tropical agar tree and can be found naturally growing in the Middle East and it is thought to have originated in Assam, India. When the agar tree becomes infected by a mould called phialophora parasitica the tree produces a dark, dense and fragrant resin to protect itself. It is the resin which becomes embedded in the tree that is the source of oud. Isn’t nature clever?

Vanilla is a very comforting scent and this candle has plenty of vanilla notes mixed with the smell of baking. To some it smells like a pile of fresh washing, but what is certain is that this scent, which means nostalgic is very comforting.

Smoke and Mirrors

In modern homes it is not uncommon for there to be no open fire, but many of us associate the smell of a fire with being cosy and warm. You can achieve something of the same effect with a smoke scented candle, now don’t let the word “smoke” but you off, your house will not smell like a pub before the smoking ban, this is much more subtle that that.  I realise I am giving away my age there as I can remember when you could smoke in pubs. Anyway, here are my picks for a smoke scented candle:

  1. Campfire

This one is a very masculine scent, I think, so if you wanted to buy a candle for the man in your life, this could be a great choice. This one has notes of bark and birch, with a hint of vanilla – like toasted marshmallows over a bonfire.

Tobacco & Oak Fragrance Oil is a warm, woody and slightly smoky tobacco candle with notes of leather. I love this one, it has a great scent throw and will make your home smell amazing.

With so much uncertainty around us and businesses really struggling many consumers are more interested in shopping local. For businesses there is a need to be open, to treat other people and the planet fairly as our idea of society changes.

I originally wrote this post in November when we were facing Christmas in lockdown, and now here we are in January and despite the news about the vaccine, things are still pretty bleak! We’re facing another block of homeschooling for at least the next six weeks, businesses are closed again and lives are in turmoil. I hope you are all keeping well and that we will soon emerge into a better, brighter spring.

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