Scent of the month – Cassis

Cassis and Wild Fig Diffuser with gift box. Sitting beside a pot plant

First of all happy new year!

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Cassis is a beautiful and sophisticated scent, after the heady and spicy scents of Christmas it is time for something a little softer. Cassis comes from blackcurrant, a perfect scent for the new year, but still cosy and perfect for a relaxing night in.

Perfumers use two parts of the blackcurrant, the fruit provides a tangy, sweet note while the leaves provide a herbal, green and fresh scent. Cassis can work really well with florals but also blends well with woody scents such as amber – this combination gives real depth. You will often see Cassis blended with Fig, in fact, I have made some diffusers in this scent myself, you can see those on my Riverdale Home Fragrance range. My own creation is almost herbal with the scent of fig, this is balanced with the juicy scent of blackberries and plums. Other scents in this category can be rich with berries which is nice for winter, the more herbal combinations are suitable for use year-round, which is why I think it works especially well as a diffuser.

If you would prefer a candle I have Cassis and Wild Fig candle from the Handmade Candle Company. This one has top notes of cherry and raspberry with the heart of fig and orris. A base of cedarwood makes this candle warm and comforting.

The combination of fig and cassis is warming and soothing, think sunny days along the Mediterranean coastline. This is a classic pairing that has been used in perfume and home fragrance for years and something that will suit most rooms.

Here’s to 2021, hopefully a better, brighter year for all us!


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