Four Beautiful Candles for your Valentine.

With February almost here it seems fitting to talk about Valentine’s Day gift ideas, and I have a few good ones for you to choose from:

First up, Shine On, Wild Fig and Grape from SevenSeventeen. Figs are known as the “fruits of the gods”, both the fruit itself and the leaves are very popular in perfume. The scent of fig is sweet and creamy and is often balanced with something a little greener or sharper such as citrus or grape, as in the case of this candle. It’s a good way to beat the winter blues, think warm sun in the Mediterranean and you’d be about right. So if someone you know needs a little bit of summer loving in February, this is a good choice. 

Next I want to tell you about Beautiful You – White Jasmine. Let’s start with the name of this product, “Beautiful You” guaranteed bonus points right there! Jasmine is often mentioned as a natural remedy for anxiety and fatigue, but did you know that jasmine oil is meant to be an aphrodisiac? I read an article online that said jasmine is in 83% of women’s perfumes and 33% of men, so no matter who you are buying for they will love this. 

Speaking of all things love and romance, how about All the Love – Black Pomegranate, this is a modern and somewhat spicy scent that is very luxurious. It smells like the well known perfume of the same variety. So if you know someone who is keen on luxury fragrance this could be a good option, I think it is the most unisex of this lot and smells sophisticated, deep and very sensual. 

For a cosy evening at home you could go for Midnight Somewhere from the Nomad Society. This has hints of rose and lavender, both classically romantic, and should make you think of warm evenings, sitting outside enjoying all the soft night time scents of somewhere warm and sunny.  There are scents of orange peel to balance out the sweetness and make this scent addictive and intoxicating. 

So that’s my top pick of romantic candles for Valentines Day, and whatever happens after you light the candle to the set the scene – have fun! 

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