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  • Amber and Musk Scented Candle sitting beside a plant in a white pot

    Amber and Musk Scented Candle- Handmade Candle Co


    This is an Amber and Musk Scented Candle, handmade in England by Charley from the Handmade Candle Company. An earthy musk base blended with oriental woods. Amber & Musk creates grounded and relaxing vibes with subtle hints of lavender and jasmine pick-me-ups.Top Notes: bergamot, geranium, lavender Heart Notes: jasmine, lily, amber Base Notes: vanilla bean, musk, sandalwood, patchouli…

  • Bay and Bergamot Candle from Somas

    Bay Leaf and Bergamot Candle – Somas


    Bay Leaf and Bergamot from Somas. Bay Leaf & Bergamot Scented Soy Candle. With accords of fresh garden berries and citrus, balanced by the herbal heart notes of bay leaf and basil – Bay Leaf and Bergamot perfectly capture the fresh ambient feel of a herb garden on a sunny morning. Bergamot comes from Citrus…

  • image of beehive beeswax candle

    Beeswax Candle – from Pot Hill Apiary Candle


    Handmade beeswax candles, made by father in law, Ken, is a beekeeper and he makes these cute little beehive candles. They are hand made using pure beeswax from Pot Hill Apiary, where the bees feed on flowers outside Hillsborough, Northern Ireland. The design below also features on the labels of the honey that Ken makes,…

  • Black Pomegranate Candle from Seven Seventeen


    Black Pomegranate Scented Candle Made by the girls at Seven Seventeen, this is a modern spicy scent, with a heart-warming mantra to awaken the senses. It is smoky but subtle, and smells a little bit like a unisex perfume. I think it is feminine and more than a little bit sultry! – Natural plant wax…

  • Campfire Scented Candle sitting on top of some wood pieces

    Campfire Scented Candle – Handmade Candle Co


    This is the Campfire Scented Candle, and it smells exactly as it sounds. Smoke, charred logs & toasted marshmallows on the fire. This one has notes of birch, fir and bark. It is a very popular choice in winter, if you don’t have a fire in your house, then this is the next best thing!…

  • Sale! Image of Fresh and Fruity Candle and Diffuser Bundle

    Candle and Diffuser Set- Fresh and Fruity

    £28.00 £22.00

    Candle and Diffuser Set- Fresh and Fruity This bundle combines two of my soft and soothing favourites. You get two products to enjoy and a saving of £6 too. What you do with both products is up to you, one for you and one for a friend maybe? Or a candle to light in the…

  • Cassis and Wild Fig Candle beside a white pot

    Cassis and Wild Fig Scented Candle – Handmade Candle Co


    A cosy classic, perfect for those chilly afternoons. Cassis & Wild Fig scented candle infuses sweet top notes of cherry and raspberry with a heart of wild fig and orris. The subtle base of cedarwood and coconut provide a platform for a warm, fruitful and sophisticated fragrance..Top Notes: cassis, raspberry, sweet cherry Heart Notes: raspberry leaf, wild…

  • image of driftwood candle with lid off

    Driftwood and Sea Salt Scented Candle – Travel Size from Somas


    Driftwood and Sea Salt Candle Somas is an Irish word that means “ease and comfort”, these beautiful Irish candles are guaranteed to help you unwind. Handcrafted using high quality, natural soy wax and cotton wicks for a cleaner, more luxurious burn. The Driftwood and Sea Salt scented candle is inspired by the memories of the…

  • Hand rolled short beeswax candles- set of 2


    Handmade in Co. Down by my father in law, who also happens to be a bee-keeper. These candles are hand rolled with a slightly textured finish. They would make a great finishing touch to any festive dining table. The price is for a set of 2. *candle holders not included, they belonged to my Granny!

  • Image of Celeste candle with lid on

    Jasmine and Rose Candle – Celeste from Sunday of London


    Céleste is a jasmine, rose and bergamot scented candle from Sunday of London. It is perfect for those who would love nothing more than to sink deep into the tranquility of the Tropics.This harmonious scent opens the mind and senses to subtle botanicals such as Jasmine and Rose, while wild Bergamot and it’s medicinal qualities…

  • Lavender and Rose Scented Candle- Midnight (somewhere) from Sunday of London


    This lavender and rose scented candle is called Midnight (somewhere) from Sunday of London, this has subtle hints of lavender and rose which may transport you to France. Imagine yourself in a beautiful rose garden surrounded by those classic lavender fields. The floral tones are balanced with the slightly bitter qualities of orange peel and rose…

  • Image of Lavender and Vanilla Candle sitting in front of a painting

    Lavender and Vanilla Candle – Somas


    Lavender and Vanilla Candle Lavender & Vanilla scented soy candle from Somas in County Cork.  Wind down with the alluring notes of Lavender & Vanilla – an unexpected sensual pairing blending two all-time favourites. With a romantic top of lavender and a warm heart of amber and vanilla, this scent guarantees many moments of bliss….

  • Wanderlust candle lid on

    Nomad Society- Wanderlust Scented Candle


    For those who roam. Heart notes of orange blossom and a subtle hint of musk. Delicately scented to transport you to the sea. Escape to the sea with the Wanderlust scented soy candle. This collection of handmade scented soy candles embraces the makers nomadic lifestyles. Hand poured in small batches, taking pride in using no mass production in the…

  • Nostalgique Scented Candle from Bonjour Mademoiselle with its lid on, sitting beside a gold plant pot

    Nostalgique Scented Candle – Bonjour Mademoiselle


    Nostalgique Scented Candle (Nostalgic) – It is the special smell of our childhood: the favorite blanket, clean sheets, granny’s cakes. A blend of happy memories rekindled by sweet powdered hints of lavender and white musk (vegetable). This range of candles is handmade in France, with scents to match every moment of your life. The candles…

  • Oakwood and Musk Candle with green leaves alongside

    Oakwood and Musk Candle – Somas


    Oakwood & Musk Scented Soy Candle (Formerly Tobacco & Oak). With notes of cologne, musk and a hint of cognac, Oakwood and Musk is an irresistible scent guaranteed to bring warmth and ambiance to your space. The delicate heart of iriswood, and clove add a sophisticated dimension to the sweet top of cognac and oak…

  • Orange and Cedar candle with a small pile or orange petals

    Orange and Cedarleaf Soy Wax Candle – Handmade Candle Co


    The Orange and Cedarleaf Scented Candle is all about winter cheer, autumn leaves and a wooly jumper. Sweet orange peel, clove, fir needle, peach and strawberry.Hand poured into apothecary jars with recycled paper label. For an even burn pool, allow the candle to burn for 2-3 hours at a time.  After use, your amber glass jar…

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