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  • Banana Pancakes Candle sitting beside a trinket dish and some coloured rings

    Banana Pancakes Candle – Nomad Society


    Banana Pancakes Candle. A warm and comforting scent with notes of toasted pecans, sweet maple syrup and caramelised bananas. This one smells like a relaxed weekend morning, when you can take your time and enjoy a delicious breakfast. It really does smell exactly like banana pancakes and is a best seller for the brand. I…

  • Image of Lavender and Vanilla Candle sitting in front of a painting

    Lavender and Vanilla Candle – Somas


    Lavender and Vanilla Candle Lavender & Vanilla scented soy candle from Somas in County Cork.  Wind down with the alluring notes of Lavender & Vanilla – an unexpected sensual pairing blending two all-time favourites. With a romantic top of lavender and a warm heart of amber and vanilla, this scent guarantees many moments of bliss….

  • Libertine Scented Candle sitting beside a blue hydrangea flower

    Libertine Scented Candle – Nomad Society


    Libertine Scented Candle. The Libertine Candle by The Nomad Society is a modern classic. It features green notes of sweet juicy black figs. Fresh and uplifting, it’s a great candle choice for workspaces and study areas. The Nomad Society range of scented soy wax candles are hand-poured in Hossegor, France. They feature an amber glass…

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