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  • Amber and Musk Reed Diffuser sitting on pieces of wood

    Amber Musk Scented Reed Diffuser- Handmade Candle Co


    The Amber and Musk Scented Reed Diffuser has an earthy musk base blended with oriental woods. Amber & Musk creates grounded and relaxing vibes with subtle hints of lavender and jasmine pick-me-ups. Top Notes: bergamot, geranium, lavender Heart Notes: jasmine, lily, amber Base Notes: vanilla bean, musk, sandalwood, patchouliUsage Tips: – Lasts 2-3 months. – Flip reeds weekly…

  • Black Oud Candle

    Black Oud Candle – Unplugged by SevenSeventeen


    Black Oud Candle – Unplugged by Seven Seventeen   “The ultimate logging-off light, this sophisticated, subtle smoky scent (derived from the Agar tree), will appeal to men and women alike.” – Natural plant wax base – Approximate burn times: 120ml – 30-40hrs – Cotton wick – Amber glass jar with screw-top lid – Comes boxed – Handmade in…

  • Fir Tree Candle with green label and birchwood lid

    Fir Tree Candle – from Field Day


    Fir Tree Candle A winter walk in the silent forest. Heads cleared by the herbal blend of balsam fir, pine needles and crisp cold air of the woody wonderland. The gentle glow of fragrant soft candlelight is one of the simplest pleasures in life. Tucked inside each candle is a  beechwood lid & Field Spotter’s…

  • Handmade Candle Co – Tobacco and Sweet Hay Scented Reed Diffuser


    Inspired by Morocco, Tobacco & Sweet Hay reminisces fiery ambers and smoky incense from the bustling markets of Marrakesh. Warm, homely notes of white lavender and sage combined with a honey base gives a well rounded earthy and slightly masculine fragrance; not too smoky, not too sweet.TOBACCO & SWEET HAY Top Notes: fresh hay, tobacco leaf…

  • Image of Lavender and Vanilla Candle sitting in front of a painting

    Lavender and Vanilla Candle – Somas


    Lavender and Vanilla Candle Lavender & Vanilla scented soy candle from Somas in County Cork.  Wind down with the alluring notes of Lavender & Vanilla – an unexpected sensual pairing blending two all-time favourites. With a romantic top of lavender and a warm heart of amber and vanilla, this scent guarantees many moments of bliss….

  • Oakwood and Musk Candle with green leaves alongside

    Oakwood and Musk Candle – Somas


    Oakwood and Musk Candle With notes of cologne, musk and a hint of cognac, Oakwood and Musk is an irresistible scent guaranteed to bring warmth and ambiance to your space. The delicate heart of iriswood, and clove add a sophisticated dimension to the sweet top of cognac and oak and musk base. Oakwood and Musk…

  • Rosewood and Moss Scented Reed Diffuser sitting on top of wood

    Rosewood and Moss Scented Reed Diffuser – Handmade Candle Co


    From the Handmade Candle Co this Rosewood and Moss Scented Reed Diffuser is rugged and mysterious, this scent is a little bit sexy and starts out musky with lead notes of velvet moss, amber, and pear. A base of rosewood and sandalwood with hints of armoise and jasmine make top best selling fragrance popular with…

  • Rosewood and Pear candle sitting beside a plant

    Rosewood and Pear Candle – Somas


    Rosewood and Pear Candle. Rosewood & Pear candle from Somas in County Cork at the southern tip of Ireland. Add an air of luxury with sensual top citrus notes before discovering a heart of pear, lavender, and amber. This sophisticated scent has been carefully blended to help you create a blissful, calming experience. Immerse in…

  • Somas – Honey and Smoked Beech Travel Size Scented Candle


    Somas is an Irish word that means “ease and comfort”, these beautiful candles are guaranteed to help you unwind. Handcrafted using high quality, natural soy wax and cotton wicks for a cleaner, more luxurious burn. – Honey and Smoked Beech is part of the Noir collection and is all about warm fires and cosy, dark evenings…

  • Spruce Scented candle, lid off beside sprigs of spruce and a green glass vase

    Spruce Scented Candle – Handmade Candle Co


    Spruce Scented Candle This Spruce Scented Candle is all about dense woodland, pine cones, sunshine & snow. It also has notes of bergamot, blue spruce, oakmoss & citrus. Hand-poured into apothecary jars with recycled paper label. For an even burn pool, allow the candle to burn for 2-3 hours at a time.  After use, your amber…

  • Woods Large Scented Candle from Somas


    Somas is an Irish word that means “ease and comfort”, these beautiful candles are guaranteed to help you unwind. Handcrafted using high quality, natural soy wax and cotton wicks for a cleaner, more luxurious burn. This Woods scented candle is a fresh, herbal accord of eucalyptus and spices, leading into a heart of clove, floral, magnolia…

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