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  • Image of Lavender and Vanilla Candle sitting in front of a painting

    Lavender and Vanilla Candle – Somas


    Lavender and Vanilla Candle Lavender & Vanilla scented soy candle from Somas in County Cork.  Wind down with the alluring notes of Lavender & Vanilla – an unexpected sensual pairing blending two all-time favourites. With a romantic top of lavender and a warm heart of amber and vanilla, this scent guarantees many moments of bliss….

  • Rhubarb and Peony candle beside a white plant pot with succulent

    Rhubarb and Peony Candle by Somas


    Rhubarb and Peony Candle from Somas. Immerse in the alluring notes of Rhubarb & Peony. The dewy freshness of peony petals glistening in the morning dew is the perfect pairing to the fresh juicy crown of rhubarb. All laced with sweet plum and an aromatic blackberry base for the ultimate fruity luxury. Handcrafted using high-quality,…

  • Riad Scented Candle - a scent of the exotic

    Riad Scented Candle by Sunday of London


    Riad Scented Candle by Sunday of London The ethereal Riad scent captures the exotic spirit of North Africa and its vivid natural beauty. Alive with elegant spices of cardamom, ancient garden rose and the punchy freshness of grapefruit, this botanical blend of soulful ingredients creates an opulent and uplifting atmosphere. The essential oil of Cypress Bark has…

  • Zen Candle from Bonjour Mademoiselle sitting beside a pale pink plant pot

    Zen Scented Candle- Bonjour Mademoiselle


    Zen Scented Candle – A walk deep into the forest, smelling the typical scent of pines and letting calmness enter your mind. Finally, let your spirit go away, and relax completely. This range of candles is handmade France, with scents to match every moment of your life. The candles are made from a unique high-quality…

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