Nettle and Mint Candle - Field Day


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Nettle and Mint Candle

Inspired by making rose-petal perfume in jam-jars as kids. Take a trip down memory lane with our favourite wildflowers and plants captured and poured in a quilted glass jar. Best of all when your candle has finished you have a jar for a bunch of pretty wildflowers.

Nettle & Mint Fragrance Notes: Crushed Green Leaves, Thyme and Spearmint.


Candle size: 105mm x 70mm
Packaging: comes unboxed with a label tag around the top of the jar
Burning time: approximately 40 hours
Candle Gallery Notes: I have two sisters and I have two daughters, we have made a lot of “perfume” in jam jars over the years. This smells a whole lot better than that, it’s soft and soothing and not overpowering. The jam jar packaging is unusual and it’s very pretty.

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