Nostalgique Scented Candle - Bonjour Mademoiselle


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Nostalgique Scented Candle - Bonjour Mademoiselle


Nostalgique Scented Candle (Nostalgic) 


It is the special smell of our childhood: the favorite blanket, clean sheets, granny’s cakes. A blend of happy memories rekindled by sweet powdered hints of lavender and white musk (vegetable).

This range of candles is handmade in France, with scents to match every moment of your life. The candles are made from a unique high-quality blend made of coconut and apricot kernel oils, and only natural essences are combined to make these unique fragrances.

– natural oil base

– natural essences

– cotton wick, for a cleaner burn

– 90g candle with a burn time of approximately 25 hours

Candle Gallery Notes: This is a warm and comforting candle, lovely for the autumn/ winter season.

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