When candles burn unevenly

There are  few tips you can use to get the most out of your lovely new candle. Here are my top six tips! 

1. When lighting your candle for the first time try to let it burn right across to the edges. You will need to allow a couple of hours for this! If you let it stop before the sides it may just tunnel to the bottom, and waste a lot of wax.

2. Trim your wick, a longer wick makes for a messier, and faster burn. Keeping the wick short and neat makes for a better burn. 

3. If your candle has a lid then pop it back on after burning. This will keep the dust out and your candle will look better for longer. Often these double as a coaster to protect your surfaces when burning the candle. Also, extinguish your candle before putting the lid on, as using the lid to put the flame out can cause a build-up of smoke inside.

4. Don’t burn your candle for too long, 2 hours is about right, much more than that can make jars go black.

 5. Don’t try to burn the candle until the very bottom of the jar, it’s game over when there is about 3mm left in the bottom. You can remove the wax easily and reuse the container around your home. 

6. Make sure you burn your candle on a flat, even surface. Even a small tilt will make the wax burn unevenly.

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