Winter In A Scent- Why We Love Cinnamon At Christmas

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There’s a lot to love about the festive season, the sights, sounds and smells that make us feel so merry. With the crackling fires, the scent of mulled wine (a personal favourite) and Christmas pudding. It’s a feast for the senses! But there is one smell that tops it off, and that is cinnamon! 

The scent and flavour comes from the inner bark of several trees in the Cinnamomum category, it’s the essential oil in the bark that makes the gorgeous scent. It’s a complex scent too with over 80 aromatic compounds!

If you ask me, cinnamon is for life and not just for Christmas. However, many people seem to enjoy the spicy warmth it brings at this time of year, alongside nutmeg, ginger and clove. So why do we think Christmas is cinnamon in a scent? 

We need to go back in time to find out, in medieval times cinnamon was used as a preservative and added to all the rich preserved foods, fruits and meat that were eaten on special occasions – and Christmas is about the biggest one there is! So cinnamon and Christmas went hand in hand. 

So how can you use this scent at home? I’m all for cinnamon in baking – the more the merrier. During lockdown I mastered an easy cinnamon scone (see link, and thank me later). But baking isn’t the only way to add some spice, you can tie cinnamon sticks with ribbon and tie to your Christmas tree, or attach it to gifts as a finishing touch. You can also add the scent using a candle, let’s take a look at my festive favourite.

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This is “Winter” it hits all the right notes with cinnamon ,clove and orange with a hint of comforting vanilla. If you get one now, I know you’ll enjoy using it regularly between now and the big day. I’ve sent out a few already this week, and I’ll be hanging onto one for myself, ssshhhhh.

To take a look at the winter collection of candles,

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